Perform at Acdcmachine TV

Acdcmachine has been organizing concerts and events in Sweden for the past 10 years. It’s been a journey we could never expect anything else but continue. A journey with live performances from signed and unsigned bands, for us it has always been about the music.

By the beginning of 2020 we started planning the events for 2020 and months later we understood that the concert year of 2020 would never be like we would ever imagine. Instead of the annual event Acdcmachine Gathering we would need to be more creative. This was when Acdcmachine TV was born.

Acdcmachine TV is a platform for as well signed and unsigned band that offers exclusively recorded performances by artists, with professional sound and image. The best thing about Acdcmachine TV is that the artists themselves get a share of the ticket sales.

So, how does the artist earn money on ticket sales?
Like a usual concert, to be able to see the performance the attendees purchase their tickets “at the door”, and the profit of the ticket sales splits between the organizer and the artist.

If you, as an artist, would like to perform at Acdcmachine TV, fill in the form:

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Bands who played at Acdcmachine TV:

Ballbreaker (SWE),